NHS Treatment Offers by Wimbledon Dentist News

Here are the top quality dental treatment news offered by Private and NHS dentist in Wimbledon.

NHS Treatment Offers by Wimbledon Dentist News

Here are the top quality dental treatment news offered by Private and NHS dentist in Wimbledon.

NHS Treatment Offers by Wimbledon Dentist News

Here are the top quality dental treatment news offered by Private and NHS dentist in Wimbledon.

NHS Treatment Offers by Wimbledon Dentist News

Here are the top quality dental treatment news offered by Private and NHS dentist in Wimbledon.

NHS Treatment Offers by Wimbledon Dentist News

Here are the top quality dental treatment news offered by Private and NHS dentist in Wimbledon.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Why to Consider Botox as Best Anti Aging Treatment?

Botox Treatment

Are you looking for the most relaxing cosmetic treatment for aging? Well, in this case nothing can be the right option other than Botox. Choosing Botox can be a life-changing decision for you especially if you want to get a permanent freedom from aging-signs. Wrinkles, sagging skin and fine-lines are the common aging issues that are giving trouble to people above 30s.

Botox treatments is simply awesome as you can get 100% guaranteed results from the same.  These treatments will help in making your youthful look restored. Only experts having in-depth understanding and knowledge about facial-anatomy can perform safe and precise Botox-treatments. In most of the cases, botulinus-toxin type-A is used in these treatments.

Is Botox-treatment affordable?

Online-reviews can definitely cater you a great help in getting the most affordable Botox-option. But you are suggested not to compromise on treatment quality just for maintaining budget rather expensive one offering best results can be the most valuable selection. To be more precise, if you want high-quality Botox impacts then you have to bear a higher cost. As per the available records, it has been found that Botox treatments Confidental Dental Clinic in Wimbledon are quite budget-friendly.

How does Botox works?

Nerve-signals are being blocked by means of Botox-treatments as a result of which wrinkles get lessened. Your muscles will automatically get contracted for holding-back the plumpness. The sagging-skin is being lifted safely for correcting current wrinkles and on the other hand wrinkle-formation in future can also be effectively prevented.
In this case, muscles are being paralyzed but no damaging occurs. Muscle-paralysis prevents wrinkle-formation to a great extent. Crow’s feet can also be effectively treated with Botox. Frown-lines are very much prominent and thus they become absolutely visible especially at the time of smiling. Those lines are also being corrected by this innovative cosmetic skin-care treatment.

Permanent skin-creases are being eliminated by means of holding-back elasticity for long. Lost elasticity is also being restored in this respect for giving a fuller look. Your skin will remain smooth but the muscles will become contracted from within. The process will start affecting after minimum 48-hours. For best results, you have to wait at least for 8-10 days.

For minimum three-four months you will remain absolutely tension-free after one Botox session. If you successfully choose the best specialist then you will get assured results. Proper skin-maintenance after Botox-treatment can enhance the impacts even beyond the tenure of five months.

Monday, 8 May 2017

Whiten Your Teeth with Effective Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Cosmetic dental treatments can enhance your smile and appearance to a great extent with its transformative and restorative benefits. In this blog, we have collected some information about the popular cosmetic treatments offered by reputed oral clinics in London. This is to let you stay informed about your oral health.

Some teeth whitening myths you must know

You must have heard about the natural hacks to whiten teeth at home with strawberries, lemons and baking soda. Truly speaking, strawberries and lemons will improve your teeth shade but these are acidic foods that could erode your tooth enamel as well. Coming to baking soda, this ingredient has  negligible effect on your teeth colour and rather affects the ratio of good and bad bacteria in the mouth. These side-effects can lead to harmful dental problems in future.   

About professional teeth whitening in London

If the only problem with your teeth is discoloration, undergoing professional teeth whitening therapy is your key to a brighter smile. Your dentist will use laser whitening process to whiten your teeth in an hour. In case you are into tight schedules, get a home-whitening kit from your dental expert and whiten them easily at home. This process takes a minimum of 10 days to show results depending on your teeth shade.

What is air flow stain removal?

The amount of plaque settled on your teeth if not removed can lead to severe teeth and gum issues. If you have an unremoved layer of plaque or stained teeth, air flow is a suitable treatment for you. With a stream of compressed air and fine particles, it can remove the settled plaque and teeth staining.

Porcelain Veneers and Composite Veneers

In case you have uneven teeth in shape, colour, size, shape or position, veneers can help overcome the problem. The treatment involves bonding a thin porcelain layer in the ront side of your tooth to hide the imperfections. Composite veneers are an extended version of veneers which includes bonding a composite or white filling material directly on your tooth surface. It gives you immediate results witha bright and perfect smile in seconds.

To replace worn and old fillings

If your old fillings come out, composite bonding can replace the discolored fillings and retain your natural smile.

Before you go for any cosmetic procedure, you must have a detailed consultation with your concerned dentist about the chosen treatment methodology to ensure improved smile and oral health.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Three Signs Which Tell the Tale of a Bad Tooth

Bacteria are always present inside your mouth. They can never be fully cleansed but neither they are always problematic. The problem actually begins when the actions of bacteria are harmful enough to create cavities and reach down to ruin your gums. Hence, people in Wimbledon are time and again advised to visit a dentist for routine check-up.

Consulting a dentist is a lot more troublesome when you are affected with a dental issue than on regular visits. Do not let the mythical fear for dentists and their tools keep you away from a healthy dentition.  With heed to your negligence; yet, to keep you away from oral health problems, identifying these three signs will help you to get early dental treatment.

Condition 1: Pain in Tooth

This is very easy to identify. No not a sudden twinge felt occasionally indicates anything, but you know each time when you chew food, the pain in the tooth conveys that it is trouble. Acid in the plaque wears away your tooth enamel creating cavities, which becomes an easy door for the bacteria to reach the interiors. Again, plaque full of bacteria attacks your gentle gums as well, where plaque hardened into tartar is impossible to get rid off by normal brushing and flossing activities. On damaging the gums, the bacteria attack the supporting bone and the roots. Prominent cavities and inflammation of the gums should be taken care of at the time; else, the torturing pain will compel you to consult a dentist.

Condition 2: Faded Toot

Now, you can comprehend why dealing with a dental issue is necessary from the very beginning, rather than delaying the treatment. Regarding discoloration of tooth, not every discoloration would lead to pain in tooth or its loss. Tooth or teeth get discolored on prolonged exposure to sodas, alcohol, coffee, tea, nicotine products etc. Use of certain medicines is another angle, which contributes in formation of the yellow tint. Bleeding as a result of trauma experienced by your tooth, can also discolor it. However, such staining is usual and can be fixed with teeth whitening treatment available in Wimbledon.

But, while brushing or flossing your teeth, when you see spots of discoloration on tooth, from light brown shades to darker ones, it may indicate that the enamel and dentin are destroyed.

Condition 3: Bad Odor

Bad odor inside your mouth can take place due to many factors. Even certain food items lead to ruining your breath like garlic, onion and tobacco. Brushing and flossing will take care of it. Else, bad breath also occurs when bacteria combine with the food you eat, especially the ones rich in sugar and starch. Food that gets stuck on the tooth enamel or in between will eventually rot and add more to bad breath. 

Increased bacterial action means more production of acid to form cavities and plaque to degrade your gums. In both cases the bacteria reaches the interiors and cause abscess in the roots. When you exert pressure on this unhealthy tooth while eating, the bad odor indicates presence of puss, which requires dental care.

A dentist will thoroughly understand your problem, crosscheck your dental and other medical histories, to suggest you the ideal treatment. If required your dentist will do X-ray and dental screening to identify the problem flawlessly.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Take Care of Initial Dentition of Your Baby

People, who have been ignoring their baby’s teeth for long, are prone to lifelong trouble. Most children, who come between the age group of 2-5 years, tend to suffer from dental cavities. During this phase, they become active taster to consume whatever they get in their hands. Being casual to address cavities and other oral issues may cause severe damage to tooth enamel. Even, most parents do not take such loss as big deal, as they think baby teeth will lose anyway. Dentists across Wimbledon have been trying to debunk this myth for years.

Tooth loss caused by cavities is one of the chronic diseases in the world, consumption of sugary foods and drinks cause such trouble. Leaving tooth decay untreated, may cause fatal problems and further can cause permanent tooth eruption.  Therefore, parents are advised to keep practicing healthy habits to maintain their child’s oral health.

How to take care of baby’s teeth: As your child’s teeth start appearing around the age of 6 months, look for a toothbrush with small head and allow suitable grip for hand.

  • Brush twice a day: It is good to brush in the morning and just before bedtime.  It prevents breeding of bacteria in mouth and cavities from taking place. 
  • Use fluoride toothpaste: Use small amount of toothpaste containing fluoride to prevent cavity formation. It is better to avoid giving too much fluoride to your baby.
  • Replace toothbrush after certain period: As soon as you find your baby’s brush is damaged, replace it immediately. Even, dentists suggest changing brush within three months. 
  • Brush gently: The inside and outside part of your baby’s teeth and tongue needs dislodging of bacteria. Not removing bacteria properly can cause foul breath.

Ensure the right amount of fluoride: Baby’s developing teeth can gain benefit even from little fluoride. Wimbledon dentist recommend using 0.25 milligram for children under 3. This amount of mineral prevents tooth decay by making it resistant to harmful bacteria and acids caused by sugary foods. Bottle-feeding is also an option to give your baby a drinkable formula containing fluoride.
Usually, water contains adequate amount of fluoride and if you are still not sure, ask your local authority to tell the amount of fluoride water contains. Sometimes bottled water and fruits you purchase contains fluoride that you may find on the label. Remember, that little fluoride is beneficial for baby’s teeth, whereas excess amount may cause fluorosis causing spotty appearance of teeth.

When to take your baby to dentists: You may visit a dental practices in Wimbledon who will take care of your child’s dentition and suggest some important tips to follow for good oral health. Depending on the risk of cavities, dental care provider will look after your baby’s teeth and apply fluoride every three to six months.

It is to remember that the risk factors may include family history of cavities or mother’s poor health during pregnancy. When you take your baby to see a dentist, be sure to communicate what fluoride treatment baby has already received. Parents are advised to habituate babies to basic oral care practices. It is harmful to put baby to bed with a bottle of milk, juice etc as such liquids feed bacteria in mouth and leads to tooth decay. 

Monday, 2 January 2017

Sugar can be the Worst Nightmare for Your Teeth

Teeth decay is caused due to acid secretion from bacteria present in your mouth. These micro organism feed on the sugar in your daily diet. The level of acid excretion in mouth increases with the hike in sugar intake. Saliva helps neutralise the acid to a certain level. Residues of food hide between the teeth and are difficult to clean. Using an interdental brush and floss can help in removing these acid producing agents and maintain a clean mouth. You may visit your dentist at Wimbledon and know the right way to take care of your dental health.

Sugar consumption and cavities

Protect your children from tooth decay and cavities by limiting sugar and carbohydrate intake. The consumption of sugar during various holidays increases drastically. Halloween is an event when kids consume more than 7000 calories, which is more than average day consumption. Excess of sugar can harm your teeth and lead a person to diabetes, obesity and various health conditions. The rate of child obesity and teeth cavities has increased at an alarming rate.

Methods to reduce the intake of sugar

It is quite easy to keep our hands of sugar but keeping kids off sugar based food items is a challenge. Some ways how you can cut down on sugar intake to boost oral care are:
  • Double check the ingredient list for the amount of sugar in packaged and processed food.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks as it is popped fully with sugar.
  • Fruit juice is considered to be healthy but contains large amount of sugar.
  • Eat green vegetables and have a balanced diet.
  • Home cooked food is better than restaurant foods.
  • Take artificial sweeteners instead of taking sugar.
  • Cut out the temptation by not putting any sweets or sugary items on the table.
  • Syrup, sauce, honey or cereals contains sugar, use them wisely.
  • Enhancing your food with spices like ginger, cumin and nutmeg might result into something amazing.
  • Eat fresh fruits but avoid canned or dried ones.

Preventive care

Prevention is better than cure. Wimbledon dentists want you to follow some preventive measures for dental care. They are:
  • Diet: You should carefully plan your meal time and avoid eating foods or beverages that contain sugar.
  • Dental hygiene: Routine brushing and flossing are pre-requisite for healthy teeth, fresh breath and gums. The techniques of brushing followed by many patients are not effective. A teeth hygienist can guide you to the proper methods of dental care.

  • Fluoride: Using fluoride based toothpaste is the reason why kids have less cavities and tooth decay. You can seek advice from a professional in case you are taking additional supplements.

  • Smoking: People who smoke are likely to suffer from gum problems. This habit cause lack of oxygen in the bloodstream thus, put the healing process at stay. This leads to infection following teeth extraction or any other dental treatment. It puts a person a step closer to throat and oral cancer.
Taking care of your teeth will benefit you in the long run. Consult with your dentist and maintain good oral health to boost your self-confidence.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Smile Makeover – Dental Issues Resolved with Efficacy

All of us have a desire and urge to have a perfect smile, isn’t it? Often, it happens that even after taking proper care of your oral health, your teeth structure restricts you to have that attractive and appealing smile you always desired for. Several malocclusion problems like crooked, misshapen and misaligned teeth affect one’s appearance and personality. Even when you have properly aligned set of teeth, your tooth colour might come in way of your beautiful smile. Therefore, a specific cosmetic dental treatment has been introduced in various reputed clinics. Come; let us discuss more about its methodology and efficacy. 

Problems resolved with smile makeover

Smile makeover can resolve several tooth problems and render you the desired appearance within the intended time. Some of such issues are:
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Visible teeth gaps
  • Gummy smiles
  • Misaligned, crooked or misshapen teeth
  • A misaligned gum line

Benefits of getting smile makeover in Wimbledon

Smile makeover can do wonders in improving your appearance and boosting self-confidence. Read on to know some of its effective advantages:
  • Minimum visits to the dentist: Make a visit to the local dental Clinic and transform your smile efficiently. The experienced and trained practitioners will carry out the treatment effectively to save your time with minimum dental visits.

  • Better consistency: undergoing multiple cosmetic methods under a same dental expert will enable you to avoid the differences that occur in case of various different hands. So, you get a consistent result with a single effective process of smile makeover.

  • Saves money: As a single treatment helps you get the perfect outcome, it saves your time from going for different cosmetic treatments. You can acheive the desired outcome with help of the highly beneficial procedure.

Candidacy for the treatment

A person with good oral health and hygiene is a perfect candidate for smile makeover. However, this also states that not everyone can have the benefits of the cosmetic transformation. Some serious tooth problems may forbid you from availing the treatment. Some of such dental imperfections include:
  • Periodontal disease: If you have bleeding dums or weak gumline and jaw bonne, your dentist might not suggest you the procedure. People with problems of bad breath and inflammation are also not considered suitable.
  • Untreated tooth decay: In case you have a prolonged decay issue, you will not be eligible to take the treatment.
  • Serious misalignment: Cases of severe malocclusion cannot be treated effectively with smile makeover. So, if you have highly misaligned teeth, do straighten them before undergoing the procedure.
Hence, it is always advised that if a person has any of the above stated dental issues, it must be corrected prior to smile makeover. Only then can you avail yourself the wonderful transformation for an improved appearance.
When you plan to improve and transform your smile for an enhanced appearance, call local dentist to avail the cosmetic treatment of smile makeover.